The Warning (Sarah Roberts, Book 2) Review
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Four years have passed since Sarah Roberts was abducted in Dark Visions. Now, Sarah has learned that her much older sister, Vivian, was raped and murdered when Sarah was just an infant. Authorities still havenít caught the perpetrator, so now Sarah is hot on the trail of Vivianís killer.

Grown-up Sarah has overcome her impulse control disorder, and she no longer pulls her hair out by the roots. She also discovers that the messages that she gets while sheís blacked out are coming from her dead sister. Vivian points Sarah toward a man known as Jack Tate, but he may not be the good guy that Sarah thinks he is.

While out walking his dog, former police detective Jack Tate stumbles upon a body that matches the MO of a case he worked while he was still on the force. The problem is that he was shot in the head while on that case, and he canít really remember all of the details. When Sarah comes out of nowhere and saves his life, they work together to unravel a number of possible cult-related murders that go back for several years.

The Warning is written a good deal better than Dark Visions, the first book in the Sarah Roberts series. The follow-up takes readers on a mad dash to catch a killer before he continues to strike again and again. As the suspense mounts ever higher and higher, evidence leads to unexpected places and conclusions.

In this second book in the series, Sarah is a much more confident and tough young lady. She has a vigilante bend, and she isnít afraid to get dirty when she needs to. All of those traits wrap around a good heart that fights in the name of the innocent. With a keen mind and a suspicious nature, she gets the job done when no one else can.

Murder, mystery, and a paranormal edge add zest to this fast-paced thriller, which is sure to keep your bedside lamp burning late into the night. Sarah Roberts doesnít accomplish everything that she wants in The Warning, so youíre definitely going to want to pick up the next book in the series.

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