The Best Dentist in Orange County Review
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Domingo Leyenda wakes up with a brutal toothache in one of his vampire fangs. Apparently, he chewed on an exceptionally tough neck while out on his nightly hunt for food. Heís not a morning person even at his best, and he simply refuses to function until his sister, Liseta, finds him a dentist who does night appointments.

After a lengthy search, Liseta finds a Dr. Tess Chanet, who gladly takes patients after sunset. The moment Domingo enters the dentistís office, things feel a bit off. He canít quite put his finger on what it is, but heís determined to figure it out before he leaves.

This short e-book also includes the bonus short, short story, Identity, in which a pickpocket picks the wrong pocket and ends up the target of a vampire hunt.

The Best Dentist in Orange County is a cute little tale about a vampire with a toothache. Although, technically, vampires should be able to heal even a toothache, Iíll let this one slide because of the humorous plotline. Itís a quirky, fun read, and it takes less than an hour to finish, which would come in handy if youíre waiting in, say, a dentistís office for your turn in the chair.

Author Tony-Paul de Vissage has a skillful hand when it comes to creating memorable characters within this short, 38-page story. Domingo is impatient and ill-tempered, but youíll still like him because of the humor injected in his actions. Liseta is the opposite, with her calm demeanor and her indulgent manner where her brother is involvedóbut she doesnít allow him to trample on her. Even the two women at the dentistís office, with their mysterious ways, will linger in your mind.

You may wonder how the author could wrap a story around a character woe that would be nothing more than a minor problem in a full-length novel. Rest assured, The Best Dentist in Orange County has a purpose, which youíll see when it comes to its surprising and witty end.

The next time youíre on the go, download a copy of The Best Dentist in Orange County to your favorite reader. I guarantee that, with its amusing story and enthralling pace, itíll help pass the time when youíre waiting for an unpleasant appointment.

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