Scrolls of Darkness Review
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In a cave somewhere in the Middle East, the Scrolls of Darkness stay hidden away—even from those who would use them for evil. But that might soon change if David Baumann can convince an old colleague’s son to join him in the search. David has just one goal in mind: to destroy the ancient scrolls.

Corporate attorney Brent Michaels descended from the Biblical tribe of Ephraim, but while it’s his responsibility to find the Scrolls of Darkness and eradicate them, he has no real interest in joining the fight against evil. But then tragedy strikes, convincing him that he must do something. Joined by a beautiful archaeologist named Melauni Sherwood, he heads out to join Baumann and begin the hunt.

The race begins between Michaels and the Sons of Darkness to see who can gain control of the scrolls first. If evil wins, the world will be doomed to chaos and darkness. Threat converges from all sides, drawing Michaels into a fight that he may not be able to win.

Written with lots of vivid description, Scrolls of Darkness isn’t a half-bad read, but it moves along a little too slowly for my liking. The author’s overuse of the word “was” slows the story down considerably, and the characters seem to be eating all of the time—I think I gained ten pounds just reading this book! I also had a small problem with the name Brent Michaels—because I kept reading it as Brett Michaels, the lead vocalist for the ‘80s rock band Poison.

Aside from the above, though, Scrolls of Darkness does hold some mystery, and I didn’t mind spending time with these memorable characters. Brent Michaels comes across as an intelligent man who doesn’t rush headlong into danger. Instead, he thinks about the situation from all angles before making a move. Melauni Sherwood stands out as an exotic character with an intriguing personality. However, the romance between Brent and Melauni feels awkward—and it never really develops, making it an unnecessary distraction.

All in all, Scrolls of Darkness is a decent read with tremendous potential. It just needed more thrills, less focus on food, and a faster pace to make it a more enjoyable read.

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