Unpath’d Waters, Undream’d Shores Review
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Unpath’d Waters, Undream’d Shores is made up of two paranormal short stories in one book: The Lover in the Lake and Shadow’s Crossing.

In The Lover in the Lake, Lisa travels to her sister’s house to recover from the loss of her fiancé in an automobile accident. Back through the pages of history, something tragic once happened in the home—in the bedroom where Lisa sleeps—and she begins to experience ghostly encounters and terrifying walks near the lake. Someone or something from the murky depths wants something from Lisa. Due to the tragic happening in her own life, she may not be able to resist for long.

In Shadow’s Crossing, the ferryman waits on cold, dark nights to ferry across the river anyone who’s brave enough to challenge the bitter weather and the sickness on the island. Late one evening, a mysterious stranger on a black steed bids to cross. Fearful, the ferryman is reluctant. In the end, the stranger wins—as he always does—but what price will he demand for crossing his path?

These two short tales deviate from Tony-Paul de Vissage’s normal vampire fare. In fact, no vampire sets foot in these creepy, ghostly stories that are worthy of the dark material set down by authors of old. As I read, my mind viewed shadowy places and sinister entities, attesting to the fact that the author was able to bring the background to life in vivid detail. Characters, too, are mysterious and elusive, adding ominous charm to the plot.

Unpath’d Waters, Undream’d Shores offers a small taste of the supernatural, set within a well-written double feature of intelligent horror stories—think Edgar Allan Poe or Tales from the Crypt. Your spine will tingle and the hairs will rise on the back of your neck.

When you crack open a copy of Unpath’d Waters, Undream’d Shores, you’ll be drawn into a dreary world of morbid mystery and sinister agendas. It’s a place in which you’re going to want to linger, no matter how many goose bumps crop up on your skin. And when you’re done, you’ll scramble for more of the same from this talented author.

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