Whispers on Shadow Bay Review
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After testifying against her father to save an innocent man from jail time, Rosetta Ryan heads to Shadow Bay on the chance that she might be hired as the caregiver for Davenport Hale. Disowned by her family and jilted on her wedding day, she prays that she’ll be given the position. She has nowhere else to go, but whispers of murder echo throughout the mansion, and Rosetta gets entangled in secrets and dark gypsy magic.

Simon Hale, Davenport’s son, is doing his best to get over the death of his wife who fell from Echo Cliffs two years ago, but some say she was murdered, and fingers point toward Simon. The gypsies who settled the area aren’t too happy with the Hales, who took over their land, and some would do anything to get it back—or get revenge.

As secrets pile up and danger mounts, Rosetta will need all of her strength and faith to dig for the truth once more. But the rumors whispered about Simon give her pause. Could he have killed his wife? And was God about to lead her into another broken heart? Strange sounds in the walls and ghostly sightings on the grounds urge her to be cautious.

Whispers on Shadow Bay is a dark, gothic romance with a hint of spirituality that sucked me in from the beginning. I especially liked the big, creepy house with its secret passages and things that go thump in the night. Gypsy magic and culture also add more intrigue to the plot.

Rosetta is a fragile character, but her faith in God keeps her strong—even when she doesn’t understand or is afraid. Her will to fight against all odds makes her a strong character. Simon, on the other hand, is lost but not broken. Things are happening to him that he doesn’t understand, but he reaches out to Rosetta for help, and he never gives up.

Spooky, inspirational romances are among my favorite reads, and author Raquel Byrnes brings out the chills—along with a realistic romance between two people of faith. A perfect blend of suspense, intrigue, and creepiness will draw you into this dark world, where only the light of God can penetrate. Add a message that’s not preachy and a touch of wholesomeness, and you’re sure to enjoy this inspirational read.

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