The Presidentís Secret Review
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President Rock holds a secret meeting to reveal his plan to bring peace to the Middle East by destroying Israel after heís reelectedóbut a paradoxical turn of events causes his secret to come into the hands of an industrious blackmailer. Not wanting his secret revealed, President Rock does the only thing he can: he eliminates those who have become a threat to his reelection.

White House janitor Robert Johnson comes across an accidental taping of the meeting held by President Rock. He also does the only thing he can: he attempts to blackmail the President and make a boat-load of money. But itís not as easy as he thinks. When his apartment blows up behind him after he steps out to smoke a cigarette, he realizes that he may have made a huge mistake.

The Presidentís Secret might have been a good political thriller in the hands of a more talented writer. Instead, we get mediocre characters and a plot without much depth. I had to push myself to finish it, so I could get a review done without too much of a delay.

Robert Johnson is a bit dimóand heís a whiner, tooóso heís not a very pleasant character to spend time with. However, Joel Drummond, the man dedicated to helping Robert, is the only half-way interesting character in the whole bookóthough even he lacks full potential as a mysterious character with connections.

Meanwhile, politics and religion donít mix very well in The Presidentís Secret. Itís as if author Martin Kurzer didnít know what kind of novel he wanted to write. At one point, he goes into a long explanation of Christianity and Jewish history, which has no real relevance to the plot, other than to educate Robert.

In addition, the authorís all-knowing point-of-view intrudes on the story to the point of annoyance. I donít want an author to tell me whatís going to happen to the character in the future; I want him to show me when it happens.

So if you like your political thrillers with more substance, look elsewhere. With its lazy plot and second-rate characters, The Presidentís Secret wonít satisfy you.

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