Devil in Disguise Review
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As America’s sweetheart, reporter Rachel Cooper uncovers some of the most corrupt social felonies the world has to offer. She brings awareness to the masses in hopes of cutting down on crimes that cause tremendous suffering. When her sister gets kidnapped by human traffickers who find their victims online, the horror reaches her doorstep. Needing help, she turns to the man who broke her heart because she knows she can count on him no matter what.

Conrad Langston comes out of deep cover to help rescue Rachel Cooper’s sister. It puts his life in danger, but he can’t let Rachel down. He loved her once—and maybe still does. With the help of a group of people who dedicate themselves to victims of heinous crimes, Langston and Cooper take on a vicious band of human traffickers whom they intend to put out of business for good.

Due to a sagging middle, Devil in Disguise didn’t hold my interest for long. It starts out with a suspenseful kidnapping in the beginning, goes into a somewhat boring love story in the middle, and picks back up with a thrilling takedown in the end. It took me forever to get to the end, though, because I kept putting the book down and picking up something else.

Rachel Cooper is a tolerable character, especially for a reporter, but I quickly became irritated by all of the characters telling me—and her—what a sweet, caring, and amazing woman she is. Show me these characteristics; don’t tell me! Conrad Langston, on the other hand, isn’t much better. He is, more or less, a standard hero who doesn’t really stand out, but he at least has a bit of mystery about him.

Several other points-of-view—which could have included Rachel’s sister’s and the traffickers’—might have made this a deeper and more thrilling read. Instead, we get a story that’s lacking in external conflict—especially in the middle—and a number of dull characters, making Devil in Disguise an unsatisfying read that I dreaded coming back to during my limited reading hours.

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