Stories That Bite You Review
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Stories That Bite You is a collection of short horror stories that really do pack quite a bite! Once I started reading these delicious little morsels, I couldn’t stop. Author William Wilde’s imagination goes beyond wild, drawing readers into a world unlike any other. Below is just a sample of the intrigue.

In “Marathon,” Mathis runs for his life from a pack of wild people. He can’t ever stop, or the status quo will change—and not for the better. A tricky ending will make you think, Well, I guess that’s the only thing he could do.

“Dead Air” brings readers to a time in the future, when Earth’s cities run out of oxygen. Jack Reese plans on heading to the hills, but he has something to do first. This story offers a different and refreshing twist on the end-of-the-world theme.

“Plastic” could easily be turned into a full-length novel—with a different kind of serial killer. Dr. Fairley is certain that Mary Cross is coming back to kill the doctors who performed her plastic surgery to her dissatisfaction. The only problem is that no one is listening to Fairley. This story is unique and very creepy.

Sandra Wesson is certain that an animal is stalking her in “Animal Games,” but her sister thinks she’s crazy. A clever kind of justice brings this one home.

“Freeway” reminds readers where we’re all headed when life becomes unbearable, made worse by the mistakes that each of us make. It comes complete with an ending that’ll bring a shocked laugh out of you.

In “Totem,” City of the Grove has a zero crime rate. To her horror, Carly Tucker finds out why the employees of the Totem Security Company are so good at their job. What they do makes sense, but you’ll still feel horrified by it.

Many more creepy tales make up Stories That Bite You—and you’re sure to enjoy them just as much as I did. William Wilde is one of the best writers that e-books have to offer, and you don’t want to miss his latest collection of stories. Let him take you into the realms of a dark world with these 19 shorts, which will leave you feeling haunted and sufficiently frightened by the most ordinary of things.

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