The Drake House Review
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At the edge of an apple orchard in Small Rapids, Wisconsin, sits the Drake House. It was once owned by a mysterious woman who hung herself from the ceiling. Now the only people who go near the house are teenagers looking for a ghost and a scary thrill. The house holds secrets—secrets that Trisha Eaton desperately needs to uncover before time runs out.

Trisha works hard to keep the apple orchard going after her parents retire and move to Florida. Her employees are like family, and when that family is threatened, Trisha is determined to find out who’s doing it.

After shooting and killing someone in the line of duty, Nicholas Mackey moves to the small town of Small Rapids to heal—and hopefully not to have to deal with anything more dangerous than breaking up marital disputes and bar fights. Then someone ends up murdered, blowing his peace of mind out of the water. The real target seems to be Trisha Eaton, and Nicholas isn’t about to let anything happen to the woman who brought all of his senses back to life for the first time in months.

The Drake House blends romance and spookiness into a satisfying read that’s hard to put down. I found myself getting totally creeped out whenever Trisha went on one of her nightly sleepwalking bouts, especially when they took her toward the Drake House. I never knew that an apple orchard could be so much fun—or so incredibly creepy—until reading this novel. I definitely don’t want to be alone in one at night, but I wouldn’t mind joining in on the fun during the day.

Trisha and Nicholas are likeable characters with real problems, which they work through with grace and dignity. Both are strong but stubborn characters who are determined in everything they do. Their love for family and friends shine out, and, though it may seem as though they’ll never be together, you’ll know that they’re meant for each other and will find a way in the end.

The Drake House is foreboding, dark, and mysterious. Something happened there many years ago, but you’ll never quite know if it was supernatural or something worldly. Bit by intense bit, the story unfolds until everything falls into place with a satisfying thrill. Treat yourself to this wonderfully intriguing dark romance; you won’t be disappointed.

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