Trouble in Mudbug Review
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Maryse Robicheaux has spent the last two years holed up in her lab in Mudbug, looking for a cure for cancer in the many plants that grow wild in the swamps of Louisiana. She can’t find her good-for-nothing husband to serve him with divorce papers, and when her evil mother-in-law, Helena Henry, dies, it causes a whole barrel of other problems. But that’s not the worst. On the day of the funeral, Helena’s spirit rises from her casket and seeks out Maryse for help.

Along comes Luc LeJeune, a sexy zoologist who’s sent to work out of Maryse’s lab. He’s a distraction she doesn’t need, especially when it’s apparent that she’s only attracted to men without sticking-around power, resulting in more pain for her. Also, her life seems to be in danger, and she’s not sure why—except it has something to do with her mother-in-law and the will she left behind.

One thing’s certain: Helena Henry won’t move on until Maryse figures out why someone poisoned her. Everything Helena did in life she did with a purpose, and now it just might get Maryse killed—unless Luc can protect her.

Trouble in Mudbug is the most fun I’ve had reading a mystery since I discovered the Stephanie Plum series. Author Jana DeLeon brings each scene to hilarious and vivid life—especially those involving Helena—and I laughed out loud more than once.

Maryse is a heroine that I can relate to. She’s a smart person, except where men are concerned, since she always seems to pick the ones who are no good. Yet she’s never stupid, and she doesn’t rush headlong into danger—even if she’s furious with the hero. Luc LeJeune, meanwhile, is what every hero should be. He’s funny, charming, and caring. He always seems to be there when you need him, and he knows when to back off when you don’t.

I haven’t read many mystery romances, but if Trouble in Mudbug is any indication of how entertaining they can be, I’ll definitely add more to my to-be-read stack, starting with the next ghost-in-law mystery romance, Mischief in Mudbug.

Filled with eccentric characters, with a romance that’s not too mushy, a perplexing mystery, and a whole lot of laughs, Trouble in Mudbug is a must-read—so download a copy and enjoy it today!

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