Mischief in Mudbug Review
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Spiritual consultant Sabine LeVeche has spent the last twenty years searching for her family. Just when she’s on the verge of letting it go, she finds out that she has cancer, and she needs a bone marrow transplant. Now the search takes on a whole new meaning—and a whole other level of danger.

Sabine’s friend and psychic, Raissa Bourdeaux, hires an independently wealthy detective named Beau Villeneuve to dig a little deeper into Sabine’s past, hoping that he’ll find something that they haven’t. What he finds is a creepy old mansion filled with secrets that go back decades and some equally creepy family members.

Sabine fights her attraction to Beau—because who wants a woman who may die from cancer? But that’s not her only problem. She’s now able to see Helena Henry (Maryse’s ex-mother-in-law from Trouble in Mudbug), a ghost who can’t seem to stop eating or stay out of trouble. Those who see her know that death lurks in the not-so-distant future, and they must take heed.

Infused with wit and charm, Mischief in Mudbug takes readers on another humorous adventure that’s filled with mystery and romance—and mischief, of course. This mystery/romance will satisfy cravings for both a cozy mystery and a hot romance—all in one book.

Sabine is a delicate but strong heroine. She loves her makeshift family despite the fact that she wants to find her blood relatives—which soon becomes a necessary hunt. Beau is a keep-to-himself kind of guy, but he reaches out to help when someone is in trouble. He’s quiet but resilient, with a little kick-ass thrown in, and he cares about Sabine, in spite of what’s going on in her life. You just can’t ask for a better hero than that.

Come and join me in Mudbug, Louisiana, for a wild and crazy time that’ll make you laugh, make you gasp, and make you smile for the rest of your day. An intrinsic plot thickens with every page you turn until the puzzle is so scattered that you’ll never fit all of the pieces together before the end. Mischief in Mudbug will deliver on all your expectations and more. Don’t miss the ride.

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