His Wounded Heart Review
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When Sean’s body is broken in an accident, he’s quickly convinced that his life has fallen apart. Friends and family try to help, but Sean refuses nearly all offers until his roommate’s girlfriend appears with her best friend. Suddenly, Sean’s new goal in life is to see his roommate happily married off. But the girls may have other ideas.

Jaclyn is a Christian, and Sean’s heart was wounded by Christians in his past. Still, a relationship slowly develops between the two as they reveal hidden depths. Sean’s opposed to religion, but he might be willing to listen to a prayer. Jaclyn’s determinedly Christian, but she’s not a cardboard cutout, refusing to watch any violence on TV. Discussions of faith arise as naturally between them as plates of pizza, and Sean begins to see the possibilities in his future while Jaclyn’s plans for hers spin out of control.

In His Wounded Heart, the beauty of Montana scenery is gorgeously described. The author also provides detailed descriptions of the business of a rich kids’ soccer camp, the politics of firing and hiring, and even the life of an Irish soccer player from a world championship team—though I’m not sure that there was a world championship in the year depicted.

At the same time, seeing the truth in present-day relationships brings as much hurt as the past. Life’s not perfect—even for the Christians in this tale. Betrayals can scar just as much as physical accidents. The past can hold us trapped just as much as a wheelchair might, but freedom beckons as the story builds slowly, convincingly to an enjoyable conclusion. Wounds heal. Scars add character. And faith will lead these characters to more.

I enjoyed author’s R. L. Syme’s descriptive writing—particularly for the scenery and for the images of a local festival on a busy street. Sean’s issues with wheelchair access are very nicely portrayed. And the Christian message is pleasingly thoughtful and non-confrontational, adding a nice depth to this charming tale.

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