My Ex from Hell Review
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From boy wizards to teen vampires, it seems that no young adult hero can be without some kind of otherworldly powers. But just when you thought you’d seen (and maybe even read) it all, along comes author Tellulah Darling’s My Ex from Hell—the first book in a new teen trilogy about a heavenly heroine.

Sophie Bloom always thought that she was just an average, run-of-the-mill sixteen-year-old girl. But then, while playing an elaborate prank on her school’s mean girl, Bethany, she meets Kai. He’s totally arrogant but dangerously good-looking—and with just one magnificent kiss, he floods Sophie’s brain with all kinds of strange visions.

Suddenly, everything goes completely haywire. One of Sophie’s classmates starts babbling nonsense. The guidance counselor goes missing and is immediately replaced by a mysterious new woman. And Sophie finally discovers the truth about herself: that she’s Persephone, goddess of spring (among other things). Sixteen years ago, after an attempt on her life, she was rescued and given human form. Now that her identity has been revealed, both Zeus and Hades are out to get her. And Sophie’s not entirely sure how Kai—who just happens to be the son of Hades—plays into it.

With its modern-day teen take on classical mythology, My Ex from Hell makes a fun new addition to the supernatural teen romance craze. It’s populated with likable characters—especially spunky, sarcastic Sophie and her best friends: nerdy blonde beauty Hannah and Theo, who turns out to be Sophie’s godly protector. And readers will enjoy joining this quirky trio on their adventures—whether they’re getting revenge on a teen drama queen, venturing into the underworld, or battling mythical beasts.

Told from a first-person point of view, the story was written with a consistent—and consistently engaging—voice. Sophie sounds like the kind of girl that you’d want to be your friend. She speaks a language that teens can understand and relate to—and they’ll often be able to see themselves in Sophie’s fears, frustrations, and insecurities. She may be a goddess, but Sophie is really just a normal teenage girl—though her problems go a little deeper than just the usual cliques and crushes.

Sophie’s story, meanwhile, is filled with otherworldly action, adventure, and even a touch of (slightly suggestive) romance—but you’ll enjoy it even more if you already know a thing or two about Greek mythology. If you’ve studied the gods and their tangled, twisted histories, you’ll appreciate the clever little twists on the age-old stories. If not, the story might seem strange and confusing at times—and you might find yourself lost on a raging river of random characters.

My Ex from Hell may have been written with a teen audience in mind, but—like many of today’s most popular series—this playful fantasy is one that grown-up readers can enjoy, too. So pick up a copy and take the time to read it before your teen reader gets her hands on it. When you finish, you’ll both be eager to follow Sophie and her friends on their next adventure.

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