Showdown in Mudbug Review
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Showdown in Mudbug concludes the Ghost-in-Law Mystery Romance series, preceded by Trouble in Mudbug and Mischief in Mudbug. This mystery romance picks up Psychic Raissa Bourdeaux’s story and explores her elusive past.

Raissa Bourdeaux didn’t exist until nine years ago. Since then, she’s been hiding behind a façade, reading palms and selling unique gifts to believers. Long-term plans aren’t a part of her future. Then Detective Zach Blanchard shows up asking questions that are best left unanswered.

As soon as Raissa walks into his office with information on a missing child that matches the MO of past abductions, Zach Blanchard knows that she’s hiding something. When the FBI steps in, Zach is warned to let it go, but he’s never been one to follow the rules. Plus, he’s intrigued by the bold and sexy Raissa Bourdeaux.

Then there’s the matter of Helena Henry—of who poisoned her and why. However, answers to those questions have to take a back seat once again when Raissa develops the ability to see Helena, which means that she’s just become a target.

Showdown in Mudbug is a thrill a minute as you try to unravel both Raissa’s mystery and the bizarre case of the missing children—the latter of which is a unique case with a unique turnout that will surprise even the savviest of armchair detectives.

Raissa Bourdeaux is bold and sexy and as impish as they come, but underneath she’s tough as nails and smart as a whip—and, somehow, she manages to stay completely likeable in spite of it all. Zach Blanchard, meanwhile, possesses charm and wit that will have you laughing out loud more than once. You’re sure to fall in love with this character as he bumbles through Raissa’s crazy life.

Showdown in Mudbug ups the suspense and intrigue all the way to the final showdown, which might just leave you with a sniffle and a mile-wide smile. Zany characters add to the flavor of this cooking pot of a plot, which gives off delicious aromas of love and mystery. This is one adventure that you’re not going to want to miss, so buckle up and take another trip to Mudbug, Louisiana, for one last wild and crazy romp.

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