An Unexpected Blessing Review
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It’s close to Thanksgiving, but Katy Roth feels that she has nothing to be thankful for. After her divorce, her life became a mess, and the only thing keeping her going is her son. Then her parents go and hire an ex-con to do handy work around the house. Can her life get any worse? Yep—she begins to fall for the town pariah, and her life gets turned upside down.

Four years ago, Joe Mason nearly beat a man to death, but he did his time in prison, and now all he wants to do is start over. But is his home town really the place to do that? Enduring the stares and snide remarks behind his back, Joe sets out to prove that a man can change. Now if he could just convince Katy that he really is a decent man in spite of his past, life might actually be good once again.

What girl, at one point in her life, hasn’t dreamed about having the town bad boy fall in love with her? Well, here’s your chance to live vicariously through Katy Roth. The story isn’t very realistic—because bad boys rarely change for the better—but you can get all of the fun and none of the regrets while reading An Unexpected Blessing.

At first, I found Katy to be a tad too judgmental, but I had to take into consideration that she has a son, and she doesn’t want him spending time with an ex-con. But it’s through her son that Katy eventually sees all of the good things in Joe—and she learns a lesson in the process. Joe is a humble man who really is sorry about what he did in the past. He just wants a second chance—and everyone deserves a second chance. He’s hard working, and I admired his ability to ignore the town gossip and not get riled up at the least provocation.

Even though some of the clichés like “the swagger of his hips” made me roll my eyes and burst out laughing, I thoroughly enjoyed An Unexpected Blessing. It’s a feel-good romance that’ll make you smile—and it’s not so syrupy sweet or unrealistic that it’ll make you want to hurl. The next time you get a hankering for a romance, choose An Unexpected Blessing, where there will be lessons to learn and a whole lot of heart.

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