Omnibus Review
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In Omnibus, author Sheri L. McGathy presents four enchanting fantasy stories that will take your imagination to new heights while keeping you spellbound with each innovative tale.

The Birth of Spring brings a touch of chill to the weather as the Winter King and Summer Queen battle over the wheel that turns the seasons. Itís up to Astara to travel to the land of the Winter King and bring peace, so the world will once again return to normal. Itís an adventure fraught with frigid temps and the worry of success.

In Thief of Dreams, Nerys and Cody long to be together, but sheís promised to another. Her father takes pity and gives Cody and Gerard one year to compete for her love. Then Cody disappears, but he returns in spirit form to warn Nerys never to pass into the Faery realm, where reality is nothing but a dream. Itís a saga of doomed love thatís sure to keep you on pins and needles as you hope for the best.

Talwyn knows only time in the mist in The Ancient Ones. Spirits of the forest and the guardians of the sacred well have been waiting for her. She spends ages wrapped in a tree, waiting for her purpose. This is a haunting tale of faith and the belief in what one is sent to doóno matter how long it might take before youíre called to service.

In Where Lies Beauty, brother and sister Conn and Tanner are Seekers who can find anything anywhere. However, there is one place where no one dares travel, and thatís into Hagath, a cursed forest where Sha-da-nay existsóa magical city that has fallen into myth, or so it seems. Faylon offers the siblings gold if theyíll take him into the Old World and seek Sha-da-nay. He travels with a scarred and stooped slave named Manny, to whom Tanner feels an odd connection. This final story in the collection is a tale of danger and mystical cities thatíll keep you engrossed from beginning to end.

Lovers of fantasy should not pass up Omnibus. These four short stories are sure to become treasured favorites. Ms. McGathyís imagination is vivid and bold, and her stories will take you places that youíve never dreamed of. Come and be awestruck for a few hours and leave this world far behind, and youíll return renewed and refreshed, with a smile on your face.

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