Bewitched by His Kiss Review
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Myths of time reveal that rolling in the dew at dawn in an enchanted meadow will bring your true love to your side, but Lucasta Barnes doesn’t believe in such nonsense. She believes in using logic and not magic to find a suitable husband. And that’s why she’s betrothed to Alexis Court, the sensible but boring man who also happens to be her best friend since childhood.

David, the Earl of Elderwood, is determined to make sure that Lucasta’s marriage to Alexis never happens. After a coupling three years ago, he believes that Lucasta is bound to him. Lucasta, on the other hand, thinks that David is a lunatic. She just wants him to go away and leave her to marry in peace. Never mind that he makes her blood hot and her flesh sizzle with passion. Being the rake he is, he’s just simply not husband material.

If men acted like the Earl of Elderwood in this day and age, he’d be labeled a sleaze bag, but somehow, in Bewitched by His Kiss, he manages to come across as a charming, love struck hero. He won’t quite get on your nerves, though he may make you roll your eyes heavenward a time or two. Lucasta, meanwhile, may test your nerves as she persists in hanging on to a man she doesn’t love while ignoring the chemistry that she has with David. In fact, she describes herself as a ninny, and you’ll be inclined to agree with her on more than one occasion. All in all, though, the characters are a fun bunch of crazies who liven up the page.

Bewitched by His Kiss is a short, sexy, and entertaining romp with a fairy tale bent. Enchantment abounds in this sweet anecdote about love that’s meant to be—no matter how much of a ruckus the heroine might kick up. You’ll smile. You’ll laugh. And you’ll definitely have a good time with this feel-good read about love and magic—which should always go hand in hand.

Sure, Bewitched by His Kiss is a guilty pleasure. But why not indulge just this once? The smile that will stay with you the rest of the day will be well worth it.

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