Broken Silence (Hawkman #15) Review
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When private investigator Tom “Hawkman” Casey and his wife, Jennifer, go up into the hills to watch bald eagles in their nests, they don’t expect to hear a scream—or to find a mute girl called Barbara Ann “Babs” Jones. Hawkman soon finds out that the girl’s mother, Annie, has been kidnapped by a couple of bank robbers, who needed both a vehicle and a hostage to help them get out of the mountains and home free with their haul.

Anxious to find her mother, Babs sneaks out of the house with her dog, Lucy, only to wind up a hostage herself. Now Babs and Annie must use all of their wits to outsmart their captors and make it out of the hills alive.

With some help from Detective Bud Chandler, Hawkman conducts a major search for the missing girl and her mother. They fight their way through treacherous terrain, hoping to catch up to them before the bank robbers decide that they no longer need hostages—and something dire happens to them. Hawkman learns that there are mysterious people in the mountains who have secrets—secrets that could help—but he’s not sure that he can trust them.

I wasn’t quite sure how the bank robbers ended up in the mountains without a vehicle, suddenly in need of a hostage—especially since they had both right after they robbed the bank, only to let the hostage go down the road—but Broken Silence still kept me entertained and intrigued right up to the end. I could hardly wait to get back to it each night to see what else would happen.

Hawkman is his usual kind, caring, and tough self, determined to help someone in desperate need. He uses all of his skills and training from his time with the Agency to tackle big problems, and he doesn’t quit—ever. He’s a great guy to have on your side if you’re ever in trouble.

Babs is a tough little girl who’s had a rough life, but she handles it well. She’s strong and determined—both of which are a plus for the predicament that she finds herself in. Annie is a smart, admirable character who takes no flack from the robbers. I liked her tremendously.

Broken Silence is a clean, suspenseful read, filled with harrowing moments that will keep you on the edge, reluctant to close the book for the night. Come join me in Hawkman’s world, and see what you’ve been missing.

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