Sequels and Superheroes: 2013 Summer Movie Preview, Part 1
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Now that weíve made it through another ho-hum winter and so-so spring, itís time for movie lovers to rejoice. Summer Blockbuster Season is here once again! As always, weíve got the lowdown on all of the hits and misses that are heading to theaters near you from the thrilling start of May through the anti-climactic end of August.

Forget about spending your summer enjoying the great outdoors, with its sunburn and mosquito bites! Hereís whatís happening inside this summer!

MAY 3:

It isnít officially summer until the first big superhero blockbuster of the year explodes into theaters. As is often the case, this summer kicks off with the latest Avengers movie: Iron Man 3. Though 2010ís Iron Man 2 was, admittedly, a little too much of a good thing, hereís hoping that #3 starts the summer off right.

Also this week, Michael Shannon stars in the true-crime thriller The Iceman, the story of a notorious hit man who managed to keep his loving family in the dark about his profession.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: Iím a sucker for the Avengers moviesóso I canít wait for Iron Man 3.

MAY 10:

Summer seems like a strange time to release a new Baz Luhrmann adaptation of a literary classic, but here you have it: The Great Gatsby hits theaters on the 10th of May. Strange timing or not, though, itís sure to be an intriguing production.

Meanwhile, in the comedy Peeples, Craig Robinson crashes his girlfriendís family reunion to ask her for hand in marriageóand, of course, hilarity ensues.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: Thereís just something so fascinating about Baz Luhrmannís filmsóand, since Iím still a lit geek, through and through, I have to give my pick to The Great Gatsby.

MAY 17:

In 2009, something completely unexpected happened: I became a Star Trek fan, thanks to J. J. Abramsís remarkable series reboot. Now, Abrams and his crew return to the Enterprise for the long-awaited sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. And I have begun the search for my very own pair of Vulcan ears.

On the other end of the spectrum, thereís Frances Ha, Noah Baumbachís follow-up to 2010ís Greenberg. Greenbergís Greta Gerwig stars as a quirky, carefree New Yorker with her head in the clouds.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: Need you ask? Though Gerwig is gradually growing on me, Iím totally geeked about Star Trek.

MAY 24:

The summer may start graduallyówith just one big movie each weekóbut this week takes a plunge into multiple-blockbuster territory. For a little bit of action, thereís Fast & Furious 6, which finds Vin Diesel and The Rock teaming up to take down a rival gang. For some comedy (wellÖmaybe), thereís The Hangover Part III, in which the various members of the Wolfpack return for yet another wild and crazy adventure. Or, for something completely different, thereís Before Midnight, Richard Linklaterís follow-up to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

The only non-sequel this week is for the kids: Epic, an animated adventure through nature.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: I canít believe Iím doing this, but Iím going to pick Fast & Furious 6óbecause Fast Five was such a brainlessly entertaining installment in the franchise. And who can resist the Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson match-up?

MAY 31:

The first month of Summer Blockbuster Season comes to a close with Louis Leterrierís Now You See Me, a slick caper about a team of illusionists who rob banks. With a cast that features Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, and Michael Caine (among many, many others), itís sure to steal audiencesí hearts.

Meanwhile, there once was a time when it just wasnít summer with a Will Smith movie. And, once upon a time, people actually took notice when M. Night Shyamalan directed a new movie. Now, the two once-greats team up for After Earth, a sci-fi thriller about a determined teen (played by Smithís son, Jaden) who must find help when he and his injured father are stranded on a long-deserted Earth.

Also this week, thereís the indie teen comedy The Kings of Summer or the sci-fi thriller The Purge.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: I just canít resist a good crime caperóor a good castóso my pick goes to Now You See Me.


This week, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team up this week for Shawn Levyís The Internship, a comedy about a couple of out-of-work salesmen competing with a bunch of tech-savvy kids for a change to work for Google.

Thereís also Joss Whedonís surprise project, Much Ado About Nothing, a modern retelling of my favorite Shakespearian play.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: Iíve got to give my pick to Shakespeare and Whedon. Sounds to me like it could be a match made in heaven.

JUNE 14:

Itís a birdÖ Itís a planeÖ ItísÖ Zack Snyderís Man of Steel. Only time will tell if Snyder will be able to succeed in rebooting the franchise.

Or, for something completely different, thereís Sofia Coppolaís latest true crime drama, The Bling Ring, which follows a group of teens on a mission to steal from celebritiesí homes. As interesting as it may seem, though, itís hard to imagine a Sofia Coppola film causing much of a stir during Summer Blockbuster Season.

And, for this weekís comedy selection, thereís a pick thatís close to my own heartókinda. The wacky apocalyptic comedy This Is the End (opening on the 12th)óstarring James Franco, Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, and many, many others as themselvesómay or may not feature a wacky shout-out to the Central Ohio Film Critics Association.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: This is a tough one. I stopped getting excited about movies by Sofia Coppola a while backóand I was never particularly excited about movies by Zack Snyder. This Is the End, meanwhile, looks pretty bad. So Iíll just flip my handy three-sided coin and take a chance on The Bling Ring.

JUNE 21:

It wasnít that long ago that Pixar was known for making clever, original films. Now, however, it seems that they mostly make sequelsóand prequels, like Monsters University. Still, Iím keeping my fingers crossed for this college-themed story about how Mike and Sully first met.

Meanwhile, for the grown-ups, thereís Brad Pittís zombie movie, World War Z.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: This is another tough one: a notoriously troubled zombie movie with Brad PittÖor a Pixar prequel? Fortunately, Iím intrigued about both of this weekís choicesóbut Iíve got to stick with Pixar for my pick.

JUNE 28:

It wasnít long ago that Olympus Has Fallen hit theaters. This week, itís returning to theatersóonly, this time, it stars Channing Tatum, itís directed by Roland Emmerich, and itís called White House Down. But, you know, itís pretty much the same thing.

Also this week, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up as kooky crime fighters in The Heat. It seems as though studios are all about the R-rated chick flicks these daysóbut, having seen the filmís trailer, Iím pretty sure Iíve already seen more of this movie than I really want to.

Or, for some anti-blockbuster summer programming, you can check out Pedro Almodůvarís latest comedy, Iím So Excited, or Neil Jordanís Byzantium.

Kristinís Pick of the Week: This is another week full of movies that I canít say that Iím especially eager to see. But Iíll give my pick to Channing Tatum and Roland Emmerich and their Olympus Has Fallen remake.

Now that weíve made it to the end of June, itís time to take a little break. So pour yourself a nice, cold glass of lemonade. Sit out on the patio for a little while. Get a little bit of fresh air. Then come back next week to take a look at the second half of the summer.

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