Area Residents Celebrate New Season
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GRAND RAPIDS, MI With the thawing of the ground and the melting of the snow, the frigid Western Michigan winter has finally given up its fight. And, today, thousands of excited area residents gather together to celebrate the coming of the next season: road construction.

For weeks, the signs have been clear. Gradually, orange cones have begun to appear along the sides of roads everywhere. Flashing signs announce its coming. And, finally, today is the day!

And how are West Michigan residents celebrating this exciting day? Many have their own family traditions. We recently surveyed a number of people, asking them how they plan to celebrate the coming of the new season.

Marie Westerhof (Grandville)
I plan to set my alarm one hour earlier and pack my car with the necessary staples for survival: water, candy bars, a fully-loaded iPod, and books.

Christopher McDaniel (Wyoming)
Each year on this day, my family celebrates by spending the entire evening in the car. We have a nice dinner, and then we exchange gifts of small road construction survival items.

Roger Cummings (East Grand Rapids)
We decorate our front yard with orange cones and flashing yellow lights. Then we stand outside with flags or shovels or signs that say “SLOW”—or we just sit around—and we wave at the neighbors. Sometimes, one of us will dig a hole while the rest of us stand around and watch.

Jeff VanderMeer (Rockford)
I buy a big map of the state and highlight all of the construction zones, so I can quickly and easily plan alternative routes. That’s also the day when I get my bike out of storage.

No matter what you choose to do on this day, whatever your traditions, don’t forget to spread the excitement of the new season with others. And, as the coming months pass, take advantage of the season. Enjoy those extra hours in the car!

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