Dreamer Review
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After a series of strange dreams, freelance writer Greg Donner awakens in a sanatorium where everyone knows him as Richard Iles, a school teacher who had a breakdown after an incident in Russia. People he knew when he was Donner now have different names and work titles. Confused and alone, he tries to convince his psychiatrist that he is Greg Donner.

Donner met and fell in love with Ginny Winters, but when he wakes up as Iles, he learns that Ginny is his wife—and that they’re estranged from each other. Iles still thinks that he’s Donner, but in order to get out of the sanatorium and win Ginny back, he’ll have to pretend to accept the persona of Richard Iles to convince everyone he’s not crazy—and that he’s ready to rejoin the world once again.

The line between reality and dreams becomes blurred as Donner searches for answers—or anything that makes sense. Could it be that he’s still asleep—and that Greg Donner may or may not exist—or is it the other way around? And who, exactly, is the strange and elusive Ginny Winters?

Dreamer has the potential to become incredibly confusing if you don’t pay attention while you’re reading. But the story is so fascinating that you shouldn’t have any problems with your attention span. The writing is strong and rhythmic, keeping you hypnotized as the plot unfolds.

Greg Donner is just your average Joe who finds himself in a Twilight Zone-like situation, which is pretty scary when you think about it. What if you thought you were stuck in a dream and couldn’t wake up from it? However, the possibility of love always shines a beacon of hope, whether it’s in a dream or in reality.

Dreamer is a bizarre and mesmerizing piece of fiction that defies categorization. It’s something new and fresh that the literary world desperately needs. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still a love story mixed with horror. But it digs deeper into the psyche while making readers question reality.

If I could find more novels like Dreamer, I’d fill a bookshelf with them. Go ahead and read something outside the box; Dreamer is the perfect choice. I promise you won’t regret it.

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