Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century Review
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On June 22, 1954, teenage friends Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme (a.k.a. best-selling mystery author Anne Perry) took a walk with Pauline’s mother, Honora Parker before brutally beating her on the head with a brick in a stocking until she died. The girls tried to pass it off as an accident, but no one was buying it.

Pauline and Juliet were soon arrested, but they pleaded guilty due to insanity. What followed was the uncovering of dirty secrets and scandalous actions and a trial that would shake the world. Their motive proved to be that Parker was determined to keep the two best friends apart, and they would not let that happen at any cost. They had grand plans of moving to the United States, becoming writers, and remaining together forever.

Disturbing and downright creepy at times, Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century covers the early years, the murder, the trial, and the years following Pauline and Juliet’s release from prison. One becomes a recluse, while the other follows her dreams of becoming a writer. And the sensational story eventually inspired Peter Jackson’s Academy Award-nominated film, Heavenly Creatures.

What makes the story so interesting is that matricide is uncommon—and neither of the girls appeared to have one drop of remorse for what they’d done to Honora Parker (Pauline even more so than Juliet). At first, it appears as if they’re just two spoiled brats, but the deeper you delve into the crime, the more evil they appear—to the point that it’ll give you chills. Even though you won’t want the girls to get off with an insanity plea, you’ll find yourself questioning their sanity.

With a thorough hand, author Peter Graham brings to life this chilling tale of murder and scandal, leaving no stone unturned as he follows the lives of two young ladies who made a terrible decision that lead to the brutal incident.

Shocking and unsettling, this look at Pauline and Juliet and their terrible act will haunt your dreams for days after you turn the last page. Crazy or not, the resulting action was the same: depraved murder. Leave a light on for this one.

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