An Accidental Kiss
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Pages: 35
Goes Well With: Chinese food (complete with fortune cookie, of course)

Most of us have been on our share of bad blind dates (Oh, the stories I could tell!). But, still, for some reason, we just keep trying, hoping that the next well-meaning friend or family member really has found our perfect match. In the lunch break-sized romance An Accidental Kiss, the awkward end to an unwanted blind date could lead to something more.

Marcy Garrett hasn’t exactly been lucky in love—and after a series of disastrous blind dates, she’s given up on the dating scene, preferring to spend her evenings with her teenage daughter, Justine. But when her mother calls to propose yet another blind date—with best-selling author Frank Anderson—and refuses to take no for an answer, Marcy reluctantly agrees to give it just one last try.

Ever since his wife died six years ago, Frank has thrown himself into his work—and he doesn’t have room for a woman in his life. So, expecting nothing from their date, he agrees to meet Marcy at a local Chinese restaurant for dinner. But then, at the end of the night, a kiss on the cheek accidentally turns into something more—and something sparks between them.

In the time it takes to polish off an eggroll and some General Tso’s chicken from your favorite Chinese takeout place, author Dawn Douglas tells a charming story of possibilities, misunderstandings, and second chances.

Despite the limitations of such a short story, Douglas sets it up especially well, building her characters’ back stories and personalities while working to bring them together. When the two finally meet, their story takes some clever little twists—and just a turn of the head or an unexpected phone conversation helps to move the story (and the relationship) into places that neither one imagined it would go.

Marcy and Frank, meanwhile, are both likable characters. They may not be written in full, exhaustive detail, but they’re developed enough to give readers a good understanding of each one. Both carry the baggage of past relationships with them, which affects the way they approach their blind date (as well as everything that follows), but their insecurities only make them more endearing.

It may fit the usual chick lit formulas, but An Accidental Kiss still makes for a sweet romantic read—with charming characters, an entertaining story, and just the slightest hint of spice. So if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to pass another lunch break at your desk, it’s worth downloading.

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