Precipice: The Beginning Review
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Lieutenant Travis Daniels and his team of elite operatives are imprisoned for an unsanctioned intrusion into a hot zone. In order to evade the death penalty, the team is sent to Mars. Far from his wife and son on a mission to make the planet suitable for human occupancy, Daniels realizes that he may never see his family again. In fact, he’s sure of it.

Annie Daniels tries to hold on while her husband is so far away. She can’t think about the fact that she may never see him again, so she takes care of their son and goes about her life with no intention of finding another man to help raise Logan. Then something terrifying happens.

Craters begin opening up on Earth and at the bottom of the ocean, and giant lizard-like creatures crawl from the darkness and take over. Their only purpose seems to be killing humans and dragging them back into the depths of the ground. One thing is certain: Earth may not be a habitable planet any longer.

After a somewhat slow start, Precipice: The Beginning picks up the pace and becomes a cheesy, albeit entertaining, story of an “alien” invasion—except the creatures come from the ground instead of the sky.

Lieutenant Travis Daniels is a tough but sometimes vulnerable hero who does his best for his family and team. Meanwhile, Annie Daniels proves to be equally tough and resourceful, proving that she can survive even with her husband miles away on another planet. Other colorful characters pepper the plot, making Precipice: The Beginning an exciting read.

Though this novel reminds me of those tacky Syfy channel creature-attacking movies (which I can’t seem to stop watching), I have to give author Kevin J. Howard points for at least making it original—and for including another planet where plots unfold, in addition to the story on Earth. What happens on one planet affects what’s happening on the other, providing plenty of drama to keep readers enthralled while lizard creatures run around attacking people.

Once it speeds up, the character-driven plot and fast-paced action combine to make Precipice: The Beginning an engaging read. This novel is just the beginning, though, and since it ends on a huge cliffhanger, you’re going to want to read the next book when it becomes available.

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