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Pages: 120
Goes well with: Deli sub, chips, and ice cold tea

While stuck on toilet duty (staking out men's rest rooms in a busy Atlanta airport to catch possible drug dealers and solicitations for sex), because his hair is too long for FBI standards, Will Trent stumbles upon a possible child abduction.

Unsure if he's right, Will follows the man and child, and has his partner, Faith Mitchell, check for possible missing children matching the child's description. What follows is a mad chase through the airport as Will tries to get to the little girl before her abductor clears security. Once they leave the airport, the child may never be seen again. And Will Trent isn't about to let that happen.

Snatched is a short, explosive, fast-paced thriller that keeps you on pins and needles the entire time. As the fate of a little girl rests in the hands of one man, you'll hold your breath as you await an uncertain outcome, and you will not be able to set aside this novella until you finish the last page.

Will Trent is an unstoppable hero, going on a gut feeling to save a little girl from a horrible fate. He's the kind of FBI agent you hope exists outside of fiction--willing to bend the rules to save a child's life and keep a mother's heart from breaking.

Karen Slaughter knows how to build suspense to the point of insanity, and never is it more evident than with Snatched. This short thriller is sure to please and send you back to work with adrenalin still pumping through your veins.

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