A Piece of Heaven Review
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Trina Wembly loves to sing Christian songs—and her dream of building a coffee house and restaurant with a small stage for her to perform on is finally becoming a reality. After months of planning, construction on A Piece of Heaven begins. In the process, Trina finds herself falling in love with a bitter and broken man who wants nothing to do with God.

Jared Larou lost his son to child abuse, and he remains angry with God for allowing it to happen. He gave up on God a long time ago, but Trina Wembly challenges him to come back to his faith—a challenge that he fights every step of the way. He just wants to finish construction on her coffee house and step out of her life, but his growing feelings for her make that easier said than done.

A Piece of Heaven is an engaging story about faith—and about healing after something has gone terribly wrong. It’s about accepting what has happened, even through the anger and hurt, though you may not understand the reasons why.

Trina is a strong Christian woman who quietly brings souls to God. She’s never forceful with her approach, and you can tell how much she loves God and worships him through her music. Jared, on the other hand, is a likable but broken-hearted man. Your heart will go out to him as he struggles with his loss. You’ll also understand his bitterness toward God—because, at some point, most of us have had a reason to be mad at God.

A Piece of Heaven will stir in you a sense of hope, even on your darkest days. God is always in control, especially when we want to believe that he isn’t. While there is definitely a message here, though, you won’t feel as if you’ve been beaten over the head with it. It’s an enjoyable Christian romance that will make you smile inside and out as you fall in love along with the characters.

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