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When someone loses someone they love, they often express regret that they never got to say goodbye. In Seth Patrickís debut thriller, Reviver, those left behind get the opportunity to talk to their loved ones one last time, but the process could open the door for something dark and sinister.

As a reviver, Jonah Millerís special abilities allow him to revive the dead long enough to say goodbye to their loved onesóor, in Jonahís case as a forensic reviver, to help solve their own murders. But after a routine revival ends with a haunting message from something dark, Jonah begins to fear what might be lurking in the shadows.

His suspicions continue to grow after heís called in for the revival of Daniel Harker, the journalist who introduced the world to the phenomenon. Thereís something strange about Harkerís murderóand Harkerís ghost seems to haunt Jonah, urging him to work with Harkerís daughter, Annabel, to search for answers.

Reviver is as an unpredictable novel, as nebulous and changeable as the spirits that Jonah revives. The story builds gradually, taking the time to develop the characters, their histories, and their personalities before getting into the action.

Jonah is a troubled loner whoís haunted by a number of events from his past, from his motherís death to a bizarre case from his early days as a reviver. On their own, his experiences and abilities are enough to make him shy away from other peopleóbut the fact that his touch gives the living a shocking chill makes it even more of a challenge to connect with others. His story is dark and often somber, but his dedication and determination make him a likable character nonetheless.

In the beginning, the tone is quieter and more chilling, but as more people get involved, it turns into something bigger and more complex. Part mystery, part supernatural thriller, the story then plays out on multiple levels, piling one possibility on top of another. At times, itís a bit much; there are so many theories and possibilities that it can be overwhelming. And it takes some thought, as you try to put all of the pieces together, but the endless possibilities are definitely intriguing.

Reviver has a little bit of everything: drama, action, suspense, horror, science, the supernatural, and even a touch of romance. For that reason, it often feels a bit uneven, making it a rather demanding read. But its haunting story still makes it worth a look.

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