Night Terrors Review
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Daniel Rinaldi treats victims of both physical and mental trauma. More times than not, itís the result of a violent crime. When heís asked to help on a case involving the prison death of convicted serial killer John Jessup, heís not so sure that heís up for the challenge. Someone out there isnít happy about Jessupís death, and heís started killing off all those responsible for his imprisonment. Rinaldiís job is to keep the intended victims calm.

Wesley Currim takes responsibility for one of Jessupís killsóa crime that he may or may not have committed. His mother, Maggie Currim, goes to Rinaldi for help, claiming that her son was helping her clean out the attic during the time of the murder. Rinaldi isnít sure how much help he can be against a signed confession. Besides, he has his hands full helping a retired FBI profilerówho just happened to help on the Jessup caseówhoís suffering from night terrors. But night terrors are the least of his troubles with a serial killer on his trail.

As more and more victims pile up, Rinaldi finds himself under a lot of stress, which could lead to deadly mistakes.

Night Terrors is a unique mystery-thriller involving a psychologist who helps to solve crimes from a psychological perspective. Rinaldi is rough around the edges, but heís also extremely likable. He goes after the truth, but he always keeps his patientsí best interests in mindóeven if he rubs those in positions of authority the wrong way. Rinaldi doesnít get along with many people, but thatís part of what makes him such an interesting character, and youíll find yourself liking him in spite of his social shortcomings.

Dark and mysterious, Night Terrors will suck you into its thrilling plot and keep you hanging on until the very last page. Suspense builds to a palpable climax, and youíll never really know how itís going to come together in the end. Youíll just know that you have to hang around to see the end result.

With deeply drawn characters and a complex plot, Night Terrors comes alive on the pages, drawing readers into a morbid but gripping psychological tale that offers a chilling look inside a psychopathís mind. Fast-paced and full of energy, it will keep you up all night. Iím already looking forward to the next book in the Daniel Rinaldi mystery series.

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