The Trained Raccoon and The U-haul Kidnappers
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This edition of “Stolen from the Headlines” covers a woman who said a raccoon stole her wallet, a man who choked a guy that looked cross-eyed at his girlfriend, another man whose girl had been kidnapped by two citizens in a U-haul van, and a woman who said her 20 year old son was missing after not returning from a fishing trip even though his laundry was ready.

The Beach
Originally reported by United Press International

A Florida woman said a raccoon tried to steal her wallet while she was at the beach with her two daughters.

Danielle Araica said they were all in the water when Araica saw a raccoon going through her bag. Arairca said the raccoon ran off with her pink wallet in its mouth, but dropped it in some nearby woods. Araica said she thinks the wallet theft was suspicious, as there was no food in her bag.

"She knew what she wanted. She went right in there and got it," Araica said. "It was a trained raccoon to go steal money or wallets out of women's bags that was the theory we came up with at the beach."

Sounds like a beach theory.

Stranger on the Shore
Originally reported by United Press International

The Walton County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to a Santa Rosa Beach call from a woman who reported her husband had been attacked by a stranger. The couple told investigators a man was pounding on their door around 11:10 p.m. Monday. The man started choking the husband and the pair struggled until the victim was able to get free, deputies said. The victim gave deputies a description of the man and the vehicle he was using. Deputies located the suspect and identified him as David Lord, 42.

Lord told deputies he believed his girlfriend to be cheating on him and he wanted to confront the man he had seen her with earlier in the day. He said he went to the wrong house, knocked on the door, apologized and left.

Well, nobody’s perfect.

Hank Snow’s Got It Covered
Originally reported by United Press International

A Florida Keys man called 911 to report that his girlfriend was being kidnapped by two men in a U-haul truck, but when police arrived, it appeared that his “now ex-girlfriend” was just moving on.

When Sheriff’s deputies pulled in at the home of Matthew Corp, 35, two women—one of them Corp’s ex—seemed to be taking things out of the apartment. According to deputies, Corp emerged from the apartment intoxicated and began yelling at officers, saying he called in the kidnapping to make his girlfriend stay in the apartment. Corp was arrested and charged with misuse of 911 and resisting arrest.

Brilliant plan otherwise.

Hold That Helicopter
Originally reported by United Press International

A man whose mother reported him missing when he failed to return from a fishing trip was found to have gone to work.

Swedish Maritime Administration spokeswoman Cecilia Wegnelius said the 20-year-old man had gone fishing Monday night in his motorboat on the Basfjarden inlet outside of Hudiksvall and his mother reported him missing around 2 a.m. Tuesday when he failed to return home, The reported Tuesday.

Sea rescue teams searched the water for hours without any sign of the man or his boat and they were preparing to mobilize a helicopter when the man was found to have gone to work and taken his boat with him.

He carried it under his arm.

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