Mistress Review
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White House Correspondent Benjamin Casper obsesses about a lot of things—from presidential trivia to movies and everything in between. His mind is always on hyper-drive, and it won’t shut down without medication. When his friend, the beautiful Diana Hotchkiss, takes a dive off the balcony of her apartment, Ben becomes obsessed with learning the truth about her death—suicide or murder.

Ben thought he knew Diana pretty well, but the deeper he digs into her life, he’s left with the knowledge that maybe he didn’t know her quite as well as he thought. Neither, apparently, did her family, who thinks that she was just a sweet, Midwestern girl who found a good job in Washington D.C. In reality, she was a ruthless achiever who used her feminine wiles to draw people under her power, and she wasn’t above having illicit affairs with influential members of the White House.

As Ben gets closer to the truth, someone is hell bent on shutting him up by threatening those he cares about. And if that doesn’t stop him, his life may be in danger. But he’s still determined to find answers to the numerous questions caused by Diana’s death in any way he can.

Highly entertaining and captivating from start to finish, Mistress explodes off the page with eye-popping twists and turns that will surprise and startle you. The truth will leave you in shock, even as you laugh in delight at the brilliance and audacity of it. When it all came out in the wash, my first thought was, Oh my, I did not see that coming—and neither will you.

Benjamin Casper is one of those complex characters that fascinates readers and gets under your skin in the best of ways. His obsessive behavior could have been annoying, but, instead, it’s entertaining, educational, and funny as hell. As I was reading, I often got to the point where I couldn’t wait for his next explosion of neurosis. He’s a truly unique character who will remain unforgettable in your mind long after you’ve finished the book.

James Patterson and David Ellis have taken a tired, old plot and turned it into something fresh and exciting beyond your wildest expectations. Mistress keeps the thrills coming page after page, giving you something to look forward to after a long day at work.

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