Army Wives: The Complete Seventh Season Review
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The seventh and final season of Army Wives opens on a sad note, when General Michael Holden (Brian McNamara) learns of his wife, Claudia Joy’s death while she was on a trip in Germany. Her close friends gather and say a tearful good-bye, and Michael barely keeps it together without her as he deals with aggressive Air Force Colonel Katherine “Kat” Young (Brooke Shields).

Denise Sherwood (Catherine Bell) holds everyone together with the help of Jackie Clarke (Kelli Williams) while their husbands are deployed to Afghanistan. Denise appears to handle Claudia Joy’s death well, but deep down she’s struggling.

Colonel Joan Burton (Wendy Davis) continues to struggle with balancing her career with motherhood while her husband, Dr. Roland Burton (Sterling K. Brown), heads to Johns Hopkins to participate in a study on army suicides.

Gloria Cruz (Alyssa Diaz) continues to manage the Hump Bar while awaiting her divorce from PFC Hector Cruz (Joseph Julian Soria), who’s dealing with his own problems in Afghanistan.

Holly Truman (Elle McLemore) deals with separation anxiety during her husband, Private Tim Truman’s (Jesse McCartney) first deployment by baking pies—lots and lots of pies.

Former airborne soldier, Maggie Hall (Torrey DeVitto), faces the challenges of family life while her husband, Staff Sergeant Eddie Hall (Burgess Jenkins), keeps his men together in Afghanistan.

And supermom Latasha Montclair (Ashanti) deals with one crisis after another with a can-do attitude and a smile on her face.

With a mix of the soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan and their wives’ lives on the home front, the seventh season of Army Wives offers a clear picture of the hardships that these characters deal with on a daily basis. Woven into the fabric of their lives are a lot of good times, friendships, laughter, and tears. And that’s what makes the show so heartwarming—and such a joy to watch. Even though much of the original cast is missing from the seventh season, I still got caught up in the drama of all the newcomers—from Gloria’s confusion about her divorce to Maggie’s kickass don’t-mess-with-my-family attitude.

Once again, you’ll need plenty of tissues to help you through almost every episode of Army Wives, as the show drives home the importance of a healthy family relationship and strong friendships as the characters go through all of the ups and downs and realistic problems that a typical army family might face.

Of all the dramas on television, Army Wives is more than worth your time. It’s simply the best of the best, and now we bid a sad but fond farewell to a phenomenal television series in this final season.

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