Bombproof Review
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Sami MacBeth is having a very bad day. Just out of prison for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, heís hired to break into a police lock-up safe. Itís the only way he can get his sister, Nadia, back from those who have turned her into a prostitute and a junkie. The only problem is that he has no idea how to crack a safeóand, of course, disaster ensues.

Accused of being a terrorist, Sami goes on the run, trying to avoid the FBI and the men who hired him to steal something important from the safe. His one focus is to stay alive long enough to rescue his sister. At every turn, something goes wrong, pitching him deeper into trouble and despair.

Retired Detective Inspector Vincent Ruiz just canít keep his nose out of cases. Heís haunted by one that was never really solvedóso when that case crosses paths with a man named Sami MacBeth, he jumps in and goes on the hunt. He soon discovers that MacBeth might just be mostly innocent, wrapped up in something he canít get out of, so he joins forces with MacBeth to save Nadiaóand perhaps find justice for a victim from Ruizís past.

A thrilling, suspenseful, complicated plot will draw you into Bombproof and refuse to let go. Each twist and turn will bring you closer to an ending with a ticking time bomb thatís waiting to go off. Intriguing characters will keep you firmly planted in the story, pumping up the tension as you wait to see how itíll all come together.

Youíll feel sorry for Sami MacBeth. Through no fault of his own, one thing after another goes wrong, which will endear his character to your heart. Even though heís not really a good guy, you canít help but take his side and hope he finds his sister by any means possible. And, at the same time, his sarcastic sense of humor will keep you smiling as you follow him on his thrilling adventure.

Vincent Ruiz, meanwhile, is a tough-minded retired detective who will wiggle his way into your good graces as he searches for truth and justice. A little rough around the edges, he still manages to come off as a likable hero who youíll know will get the job done in the end.

With unusual characters and suspense at its best, Bombproof delivers a page-turning read thatíll keep you up until all hours of the night. So start it on an evening when you can sleep in the next morningóbecause youíll read long past the midnight hour on this one.

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