Ghost Prison Review
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Fifteen-year-old Billy Calder lives at the Home for Unfortunate Boys, but he’s about to start a new job as a castle prison guard. Once he gets through training, he’ll be put on the night shift, when things long dead walk the castle’s damp corridors.

On his first night on the job, Billy is late for work, but his supervisor, Adam Colne, lets it slide, as long as it doesn’t happen again. He also tells Billy that the ghost of a witch named Netty requested Billy for the night shift. Billy wonders why, but Colne isn’t telling. Instead, he warns Billy to stay away from the Witch Well, where a hideous prisoner is kept chained up.

Billy settles into his job and has very few encounters with Netty—until, one night, he’s forced to go into the Witch Well to feed the prisoner.

Ghost Prison, a young adult paranormal thriller, appeals to my morbid, adventurous side. A dark, spooky castle filled with ghosts and other nefarious creatures—what’s not to love? You’ll be kept in suspense as you follow Billy on his rounds, all the while wondering about Netty and the Witch Well. And you’ve got to admire Billy’s determination to stick with his job, no matter how scary it becomes.

Sinister and mysterious, Ghost Prison has a spooky edge that will continue to draw you ever deeper into the plot. In just a few short, illustrated pages, author Joseph Delaney builds a vivid, shadowy world that captivates from beginning to end. Once you finish reading, you’ll want to spend so much more time in that castle with Billy.

Though it was written for 9- to 15-year-olds, all ages will enjoy this forbidding ghost story. You can’t help but get caught up in the exciting, supernatural activity and suspense that leads you somewhere unexpected. So pick up Ghost Prison for this Halloween season and get spooked.

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