Cold Light (After, Book 2) Review
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In the first book of the After series, Fallen, a killing mist destroyed most of Earthís population, sending Emma and her daughter on a journey to return to her husband, Haywood, and her other daughter. This ultimately leads to her leaving Arthur, a man she had grown to love. The second book, Cold Light, picks up a few months later in a safe zone.

The killing mist continues to consume people for the metals found in their bodies and destroy any structures in its path, leaving behind chaos and madness. It also leaves those who survive with a supernatural power, which often develops into insanity.

Emma Anderson has finally brought her family together, only to be faced with raiders who gallop into the safe zone of Edmonton, Alberta, and kidnap her daughter, Beth, along with others. The Council refuses to go after the raiders and rescue those taken, so Emma decides to do it alone.

Emma sets out on a treacherous journey through rough Canadian terrain. She struggles for survival against blizzards, wolves, the Canadian Forces patrol, ruffians, and guards in Outpost City. Alone on her expedition, she often thinks of Arthur and misses him, but sheís married, and she must remain devoted to Haywood and her girls, no matter how it breaks her heart. Besides, Arthur might not even be alive. But, above all else, she needs to rescue her daughter while avoiding the mists that are slowly encroaching into the safe zones.

Out of all of the end-of-the-world tales out there, Cold Light is one of the most original. The earth is not being destroyed by zombies or by one natural disaster or another. Instead, itís come under attack by a manmade mist, originally meant for something good, that gets out of control and takes on a life of its own.

Cold Light brings us adventure, suspense, and romance all wrapped within an apocalyptic tale of survival against the strongest forces that mankind has to bear. At the center is a tortured heroine who struggles to make the right choices, making it easy for the reader to relate to her and feel deeply for her. Sheís damaged but strong, and itís easy to root for her no matter what options she chooses, whether it relates to her heart or her survival.

Traci L. Slatton is an amazing writer, and she proves it once again with Cold Lightóa read thatís impossible to put down. It will draw you into a cold world thatís warmed by unforgettable characters and mankindís desire to survive against all odds. Youíre not going to want to miss the After series, so pick up a copy of Fallen, if you havenít already read it, then grab Cold Light and continue the journey.

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