The Clan Andriescu Review
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The Clan Andriescu includes five vampire tales by the talented Tony-Paul de Vissage. Each story is an account of one adventure in the Andriescu vampire chronicles.

“Which Way to Bloody Marsh?” begins with a rebellious teenager who meets three strangers who are looking for Bloody Marsh—a place where a battle between the English and Spanish turned the marsh red with blood almost three hundred years ago. Here, we meet Valerius, Marius, and Timon Andriescu for the first time—along with the scribe who documents their life. Spooky and poignant sums this one up nicely as we get to know the three characters—the practical Marius, the laid-back Valerius, and the aggressive Timon.

“Remembrance of Death’s Past” takes us into Marius’s life. After twenty-five hundred years, Marius’s father dies, making Marius the Prince’s executioner. Vampires must follow the law or risk elimination, and Marius’s first target turns out to be a comrade who refuses to repent. Emotional turmoil will carry you through this one, keeping you planted in the story until the end.

In “Love, Vampire Style,” Valerius must find a vampire wife and settle down to continue the blood line. He’s anything but ready to be tied down by one woman—or so he wants his brother Marius to think. Valerius decides to travel to Castel Andriescu in the old country, only to find it in ruins. He also finds an intriguing woman. Unfortunately, she’s probably human—and thus off limits to Valerius as a possible mate. Romantic and captivating, this one hits the spot for those looking for a little romance.

In “Working Class Vampire,” Timon encourages his human wife to write a novel about the working class vampires, but she comes a little too close to the truth, risking exposure. Their life becomes endangered when the Prince’s executioner pays them a visit. Suspenseful and fast-paced, this one will feed the adrenaline junkie in you.

“Sometimes Love Returns” takes us back to Marius and his account of the beautiful Caitlan DuBarry, who sculpts a statue of Marius before disappearing from his life. Unable to forget her, he decides to reshow the statue in his gallery fifty years later, hoping to draw her out. Beautiful and fulfilling, this short epic romance will touch your heart—and maybe even break it a little.

Each of these short vampire tales brings intrigue and romance all in one collection. You can take pleasure in them all at once or keep The Clan Andriescu on your e-reader to pick up when you find yourself waiting for an appointment to begin. Either way, you’re sure to stay enthralled.

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