Lost Mirror (The Adventures of Rel Rel) Review
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Thirteen, flamboyantly-dressed, awkward, pale-skinned, and mostly ignored, Relene “Rel Rel” spends most of her time alone, shut up in the house while her parents work. But even when they’re at home, they’re too busy to pay attention to her.

After her father tells her that her love of drawing is a stupid waste of time, she goes to her room, puts on purple goggles, and proceeds to write. Suddenly, whatever she writes comes to life (even her doll, Lily, with the pink yarn hair) as long as she keeps the goggles on.

Lily convinces Rel Rel that wishes do come true, but she has to try. In the new world lies a mirror that can grant wishes. She obtains it, only to lose it again. In order to find it back, she has to go where she’s not allowed to go—outside the house. Her quest for the mirror becomes critical, since she knows what she wants to wish for.

Your heart will immediately go out to this sweet girl, and you’ll love her from the start, even as her mother and father continue to ignore her. Rel Rel is so full of imagination, and everything she touches comes to life. She never acts out in a bad way to get attention, and her precocious and bouncy personality will keep you smiling.

Lost Mirror takes readers on quite an adventure—just between the front door and the woods. Danger stalks Rel Rel as she fights to retrieve the mirror, and you’ll be afraid that she won’t succeed, which will keep you on edge in a good way.

Colorful, cute, and just plain fun for the ages between 9 and 13, Lost Mirror is one of the most enjoyable reads I’ve come across in a while. It’ll take you out of this world into something fantastical, leaving you to look forward to the next book in The Adventures of Rel Rel series. Check it out! I promise you’ll be glad you did.

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