Daughter of Camelot (Empire of Shadows, Book 1) Review
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All is not well in Camelot. King Arthur has banished the queen and Lancelot from the castle. Those loyal to Lancelot have followed him to Gaul. Lancelot accidentally slew Gawainís beloved brother, Gareth, and Gawain wants retribution. War looms on the horizon.

Deirdre and her twin brother, Rhys, anticipate the coming months. Rhys is destined to stand by King Arthur as one of his knights and have a life of adventure. Deirdre, on the other hand, is sent to Degannwy with her sister, Nia, to learn the ways of a lady. But what she really wants to do is follow her brother into knighthood.

Once at Degannwy, Deirdre canít seem to play by the rules, no matter how much her sister scolds her. She ends up banished from the castle, only to stumble into a highly dangerous mission in order to aid King Arthur in his time of need. But a life of adventure is not all itís cut out to be as Deirdre fights for her existence time and time again.

I do love Arthurian epicsóand though King Arthur isnít front and center in Daughter of Camelot, I still found it to be a highly enjoyable read. Plenty of adventure, danger, and battles keep the heart pumping, and youíll hold your breath for the final outcome.

Deirdre is a strong-willed heroine who just wants to follow her dream of becoming something more important than a lady and leaving her mark on the world. Her heart is strong and true as she proves her courage time and time again. At the same time, her sister, Nia, proves that just because youíre a lady, it doesnít mean that your hands donít get dirty every now and then. You can still be useful to the causeóbut in a different way.

Daughter of Camelot will take you back to castle days as it draws you into a distant time period, bringing it to spectacular life with a mixture of drama and peril. Lady-like behavior clashes with the grit and dirt of battle, creating explosive results that will keep you beguiled throughout the novel.

Page by thrilling page, Daughter of Camelot is the perfect read to take you out of the here and now for a few precious hours. So grab a copy and head to the outskirts of Camelot to enjoy the adventure.

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