Far Shore (After, Book 3) Review
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The third book in Traci L. Slatton’s After series, Far Shore picks up where Cold Light left off.

Just as Emma Anderson has settled back down with her husband, Haywood, and her children, her friends from Outpost City come to her for help with one of their own. She also learns that Arthur is a prisoner by a Russian named Alexei, who has vowed to destroy Arthur because he created the mists that took Alexei’s wife. Though Haywood gives her an ultimatum, Emma cannot turn her back on her friends—or Arthur, the man she can never forget. Emma and Arthur are interwoven together in such a way that it transcends logic and obligations.

The killing mists are evolving and growing stronger, and only one man may be able to destroy them. But Alexei is so blinded by his hatred for Arthur that he may very well torture him to death before Emma can rescue him, dooming Earth to chaos and madness.

Once again, Emma says goodbye to her husband and daughters as she heads out on a perilous journey to rescue the only man she’s ever truly loved—a journey that takes pieces of her soul little by little and that might keep her from her children forever.

In Far Shore, the struggles are brutal, the emotions are high, and the dangers are constant. Emma makes decisions that you might not like, but you’ll understand why she makes the choices that she does—because no decision falls neatly into a black or white zone. She once again proves her strength and courage as she’s faced with one insurmountable problem on top of another. You’ll admire her for sticking with Arthur even at his worst and most pitiful moments.

Interwoven into this apocalyptic plot is an epic love story that defies the ravages of time and incidents—a romance between a man and woman who aren’t supposed to love each other because of her obligation to another. Despite all that, you’ll want their love to be consummated over and over again. You can feel the heat of their passion, and the only outcome you’ll want for them is that they’ll be together in the end.

Once you begin reading Far Shore, you’ll be sucked in with no hope of getting out—nor will you want to. Page after page brings intrigue, suspense, and breathtaking thrills all wrapped up in a solid plot that will continue into another adventure with the next book in the series. Come on, what are you waiting for? Join the apocalypse!

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