Fly Away Home
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Now is the wonderful time of year when kids tell Santa their wildest Christmas fantasies. Santa, could I have my own zoo? Please, could I have a pet dragon? What I really want is to be able to fly, all by myself! Please, can I be a superhero and have my own fan club?

The pint-sized heroine of the Oscar-nominated film, Fly Away Home, actually has all these fantasies come true. Amazingly, itís based on the real story of a migratory bird rescue project begun in the Ď90ís that is still in operation.

Itís 1996, and 14 year old Amy Alden (Anna Paquin) has just relocated to Southern Ontario from New Zealand, after surviving a car crash in which her mother died. Now, she and her counter-culture inventor father, Thomas (Jeff Daniels), need to adjust to living together. Dad means well, but doesnít know how to relate to, or parent, his grieving and rebellious daughter.

One day, Amy ditches school, takes a walk, and discovers a nest of abandoned goose eggs. She takes them to the barn, and nurtures them until they hatch. But when the goslings open their eyes, they imprint on her, believing she's their mother, and follow her everywhere.

Thomas knows that geese have to migrate south, or they wonít survive the winter. Without parents, however, thereís no one to show them the way. So he comes up with a radical idea: Suppose Amy flies his ultralight plane south to a bird sanctuary in North Carolina, in hopes that the geese will follow her?

Fly Away Home is a warm-hearted, funny film celebrating the determination of the human spirit. Itís a dramatization based on the work of Bill Lishman, who pioneered the use of ultralight aircraft to support the migration patterns of endangered whooping cranes.

The film hits all the right emotional notes, depicting the growth of Amy and Thomas, both as individuals, and in their relationship as father and daughter. Without preaching, the movie shows how passion for a cause can promote creativity and courage, and lead to unexpected new friendships and a whole lot of fun. Plus, you're treated to the simple delight of watching the eggs hatch, the baby geese perform their antics, and grow up right before your eyes.

Youíll find breathtaking scenery during the flights over the farmlands and treetops of Southern Ontario, through the skyscrapers of Toronto, and over the waters of Lake Ontario. The cinematographers used two planes, allowing spectacular close-ups of the birds in flight and in formation alongside the aircraft.

This is a film for kids of all ages about how commitment to a common goal can create deep bonds and joyous adventures. After watching Fly Away Home, you never know--you might get the courage to make your own childhood fantasy come true.

Bonus Features:
For those whoíd like to learn more, the DVD includes extensive documentary material from Bill Lishman and his staff, on the history and continuing work of, along with film and music commentaries.

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