Vermont Woman Thinking about Dessert
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EAST BRAINTREE, VT During dinner with her husband, Rob, Shirley Ford focused most of her concentration on thinking about dessert. It had been a nice, relaxed dinner at JoJo’s Family Restaurant. Rob and Shirley had spent the meal discussing their plans for their upcoming family vacation while enjoying JoJo’s famous burritos and pasta dinner. But the excitement of their vacation planning was all but destroyed by their waitress, Misty.

“You thinkin’ ‘bout dinner at all?” Misty asked casually as she took away their dinner plates. “We have some great cheesecakes tonight.”

And then Shirley realized that she hadn’t, in fact, been thinking about dessert. But maybe she should be. Flustered, Shirley mumbled, “I’m not sure yet,” and commenced thinking about dessert.

Mmmmm… Dessert. I enjoy eating dessert, thought Shirley. I especially like cheesecake. Chocolate chip cheesecake. Strawberry cheesecake.

I also like pie,
Shirley thought. Pecan pie. But I like cream pies too. And fruit pies with ice cream.

And perhaps,
she thought, while I’m thinking about dessert, I should order some. But should I? Do I really need dessert? Am I really hungry for dessert? I had quite a bit of pasta. And that cheesecake would go straight to my hips. Way too many calories. Too much fat. I’ll have to go jogging for a week just to burn it off.

Maybe Rob and I could split dessert. But then I’d have to get something we both like. So maybe we’ll each get our own. But what if Rob doesn’t want dessert? I can’t eat dessert alone. I’d feel so fat! I’m such a cow! So if he doesn’t want dessert, I’m not going to get dessert either.

It was about that time when Misty came back to their table and asked, “So what do you think about dessert?”

And Shirley replied, “No. I don’t want any dessert.”

And Rob answered, “Yeah. I’ll have the cheesecake.”

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