The Fixer Review
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When Hollywood hires a hit man for a big-screen thriller, it’s usually a big, burly thug with a big gun. But when author and psychologist T. E. Woods creates a hit man in her debut crime thriller, The Fixer, it’s a beautiful woman with a dark past and a heart of gold.

The Fixer follows a mysterious assassin on her latest job. The hired gun is highly selective, taking on very few assignments—and only those for which justice can’t possibly be served in any other way. And while the latest job—one so close to home—gives her pause, the target is so despicable that she can’t say no.

Meanwhile, in a psychologist’s office in Olympia, Washington, a beautiful young woman is desperate for help. Though she refuses to offer many details about her life, she offers enough to make her new doctor worried about her—and those she encounters.

The first installment in a new series, The Fixer is a mystifying thriller that’s sure to keep you guessing. The entire story is shrouded in mystery—from the identity of the Fixer to the events that play out after her latest task has been completed. And it’s sure to surprise you more than once. But while the book may be all about the mystery and intrigue, the more you learn about the Fixer and her story, the more interesting she becomes. She’s a ruthless killer, but she’s also a strong and determined woman with a troubled past and an uncertain future.

The Fixer isn’t just another cold-blooded assassin. She’s not just out for a pay check; she’s in it to help people get the justice that they deserve. She’s thoughtful and sensitive, yet she’s careful and calculating, too.

As intriguing as the character may be, though, she never really feels fully fleshed out. Her unconventional line of work naturally makes her a distant, secretive kind of person—but even after her identity is revealed, she still seems more like an intriguing shadow than a real character.

But the Fixer isn’t alone here; there are plenty of other interesting characters revolving around her, too—like Mort Grant, a widowed cop with a cheeky partner and an inquisitive reporter for a son. And as Mort investigates the mysterious murder of a college student, some of his long-held principles about right and wrong begin to come into question.

Together, these sometimes surprisingly similar characters create a fascinating and fast-paced thriller. If Woods takes the time to let her readers get more attached to her characters in future novels, she could turn it into a must-read series.

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