NYPD Red 2 Review
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In 2012’s breakneck crime thriller, NYPD Red, authors James Patterson and Marshall Karp introduced an elite task force charged with handling New York’s most noteworthy cases. In the sequel, NYPD Red 2, the team is back to tackle a case that’s both high-profile and high-pressure.

The story finds NYPD Red Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald tracking a serial killer known as the Hazmat Killer. The killer is a vigilante, hunting criminals who have managed to evade the justice system and recording their forced confessions before finishing the job. And since his first three victims were clearly bad guys, no one saw the investigation as particularly urgent. It isn’t until the fourth victim—a wealthy woman who also happened to be managing the campaign for mayoral candidate Muriel Sykes—that the stakes become higher. With election day right around the corner, the pressure is on—and Jordan and MacDonald have just a matter of days to solve a case that’s been going nowhere for months.

In their second NYPD Red thriller, Patterson and Karp once again prove that this is one crime series that’s not to be missed—the literary equivalent of your favorite summer action movie.

Patterson’s proficient plotting gives the story its edge-of-your-seat action and suspense, throwing in one clever twist after another. It’s a scintillating mix of high society, politics, scandal, and murder—the kind of story that would make the cover of every gossip magazine in the grocery store check-out aisle. And it all unfolds at a rapid pace that’s guaranteed to have you racing through one chapter after another.

Karp’s signature style, meanwhile, keeps things light and wildly entertaining. This isn’t a thriller that takes itself too seriously. It’s easy-going and witty—and just slightly irreverent. It’s clear that it was written by a guy with a smile on his face—who thoroughly enjoys what he does—and that makes it all the more enjoyable to read.

At the same time, though the case may be captivating, there’s more to this story than just the latest high-profile investigation. The authors also take the time to develop the characters and their relationships, tying the series together while adding touches of personal drama to the action-packed adventure. After all, these characters are more than just their jobs. They also have personal lives—and a history together. And those touches of development help to ground the story while giving readers a cast of likable characters that will keep them coming back for more.

With its entertaining mix of action and wit, NYPD Red 2 is yet another up-all-night kind of read. Whether you’re packing for a poolside getaway or planning a short staycation in your favorite reading chair, it’s the perfect pick for literary thrill-seekers.

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