The Hit Review
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Will Robie is a high-caliber assassin. The government sends him in to take down the world’s worst monsters. As a trained killer, it’s all he knows—and failure is not an option. After a successful mission, he’s called to the agency for an unusual assignment: hunt down a rogue agent and bring her back dead or alive—preferably alive for questioning, but no one would quibble over it if she ends up dead.

Jessica Reel is Will Robie’s match: equally as deadly and as successful at what she does. But she’s gone off the grid, and she’s started taking out the top players in the very agency for which she once worked. She knows that Will Robie will be sent to bring her in—or bring her down. It takes a killer to find a killer, after all, but she’s certain that she’s doing the right thing. She just has to stay alive long enough to complete her mission.

As Robie hunts Reel, they leave a wake of destruction that rocks the Capitol. Robie soon learns that something else is going on—and that there may be traitors within the agency itself. Suddenly he finds that he can’t trust anyone, and he may just have to go off the grid to complete his mission and stay alive.

The Hit is a masterfully written thriller by one of the best authors in the business today—David Baldacci. Vivid, action-packed scenes will make you feel as if you’ve strayed into a Jason Bourne movie—but you’ll never forget that Will Robie is the man of the hour!

Page after page, the story twists and turns, and you’re sure to be astounded by what’s actually about to come down on the world. From one scene to the next, you’ll be left breathless and awed.

I love characters like Will Robie. He’s confident and strong, and he’s not afraid of anything—not even death. He has a true sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, and he thinks for himself—which isn’t exactly kosher for government-sanctioned killers. Though he’s a cold, hard killing machine, he’s still likable as he protects the innocent—even if he has to do it by staying out of their lives and remaining alone in his.

First, pick up a copy of The Innocent and introduce yourself to Will Robie. Then grab a copy of The Hit and get lost in the fascinating world of trained assassins and the throat-grabbing missions that are guaranteed to keep you on the edge.

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