Slapshot of Love Review
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Not only have reality shows taken over your TV listings, but they’ve also become a common theme in books, with authors weighing in on everything from reality TV families to the fallout for former reality stars. Author Gary Pearson takes his shot at reality dating shows in the sweet but cynical romantic comedy, Slapshot of Love.

The story follows regular girl Geri Halton on an unexpected reality TV adventure. Geri is the first to admit that her life is stuck in a rut. Her job at a home for seniors isn’t going anywhere, nor is her relationship with underachieving Carlo. So when she stumbles her way onto a reality dating show called Slapshot of Love, she decides that it could just be the change that she desperately needs.

Soon, Geri finds herself sharing a house with a bunch of gorgeous women—including her spoiled cousin, Meagan—and competing in ridiculous challenges for a chance to win the heart of hockey star Ryan Tremblay.

Anyone who sees reality TV as a guilty pleasure will enjoy this behind-the-scenes reality TV rom-com. Though it’s quick to point out the obvious staging and overdramatizing of a show that claims to be real, you’ll still find yourself getting caught up in the romance and suspense that come with any reality dating show.

Of course, much of the story’s appeal comes from the main character. For the most part, Geri is the kind of girl that most reality TV viewers would want to win the handsome bachelor’s heart—while crushing her pretty, two-faced opponents in the process. She’s tough but down-to-earth, with a smart sense of humor—and she’s well aware that nothing about this reality TV show is really real. Though her sarcasm sometimes borders on abrasive—giving her some less-than-likable moments—she’s the sharp, cynical voice of reason in a house full of lovesick dreamers and bitter competitors. And no matter what the outcome may be—whether she gets the guy, goes back to a new and improved Carlo, or sets out on her own—you’ll just want her to find her happy ending.

But Geri isn’t the only interesting character in this reality rom-com. The show’s handsome bachelor is, admittedly, a mixed bag—sweet but sometimes completely out of touch with reality. But other supporting characters—especially the smart and spunky seniors at Shady Manor—add to the story’s personality.

Of course, Slapshot of Love isn’t without its share of flaws. The dialogue is sometimes a little too snappy—to the point that it feels far from natural. And the surprising conclusion won’t necessarily leave readers with the expected warm, fuzzy feeling. But reality dating show viewers are no strangers to that end-of-season let-down—so don’t let that prevent you from picking up a copy.

With its spunky cast of characters and its sarcastic look at reality TV, Slapshot of Love is an entertaining romance—a fun choice for poolside reading and other times when your favorite reality dating shows aren’t readily available.

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