The Red Hot Fix Review
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In her crime thriller debut, The Fixer, author T. E. Woods introduced an unlikely killer and the detective who hunted her. In the follow-up, The Red Hot Fix, the two characters go their separate ways as they continue to seek justice using their own individual methods.

The sequel takes place more than a year after Seattle PD Detective Mort Grant investigated the Fixer murders. Now Mort’s tracking yet another serial killer—a woman the press has dubbed “Trixie.” Since she leaves her victims tied up in seedy motel rooms—with a bright red kiss print on each of their foreheads—Mort and his team suspect that she’s a prostitute turned killer. And as they follow the clues, they lead Mort to a beautiful woman who makes the widowed detective consider giving love another try.

Meanwhile, as the local NBA team, the Washington Wings, battles its way into playoff position, the team’s owner finds himself in a clash that turns deadly. And, not far away, the woman formerly known as The Fixer attempts to move on with her life, seeking justice without leaving bodies in her wake.

There’s definitely a lot going on in this second novel in the Justice series. In addition to the personal storylines playing out for both of the main characters, Mort is tracking both a serial killer and a copycat, while the Fixer is dealing with another criminal in her own way. On their own, none of these stories are particularly detailed—and you may sometimes wonder how everything fits together. Some of the storylines are rather basic and some generally play out in the background, while others twist and turn their way to unexpected conclusions. And, together, they give the novel mystery and suspense while further developing the characters.

Once again, the two central characters are kept separate—maybe even more so than before—but that gives them both the time to develop on their own. And while more of the focus is on Mort—on his family, his relationships, and his investigations—both characters get to show their strengths and weaknesses as their stories play out.

If you’re new to the series, you’ll want to start from the beginning—with The Fixer—because the follow-up jumps right back into the story with minimal recap. But if you enjoyed The Fixer, you’ll enjoy getting the chance to catch up with the characters—and get to know them a little better.

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