Close Encounter with a Crumpet
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Pages: 38
Goes Well With: Fish and chips and a glass of ginger beer

I have an aunt who lives near Pulborough, England, so when I saw the villagers of Pulborough thanked in the acknowledgements for Fleeta Cunningham’s short e-book, Close Encounter with a Crumpet, I just knew that I was bound to love it.

Pulborough is a lovely village in a tiny corner of England—not too small, very traditional, perfect for tea and crumpets, and not without its friendly English pub. It’s absolutely not the sort of place to give you the “cold shoulder.” But if you don’t know where that expression comes from, Fleeta Cunningham’s neat little romance will tell you in pleasantly intriguing conversation. “That silly thing the poets call love” is a different topic entirely, of course, but Close Encounter with a Crumpet is a heartwarming story that will fill your mind with love’s music, set you dancing, and leave you with joy in your soul.

American Gill doesn’t quite fit in with the other ladies on this bus tour of England. She’s had her fill of cold churches and hot tea with crumpets—and now she’s missed the one thing she was most looking forward to on the trip. But what the heart needs and what the mind imagines can be very different things, and what seems like a chance encounter soon changes Gill’s life.

Close Encounter with a Crumpet starts in a tea shop and ends as the plane’s about to take off. It’s a tale of people trying to please others while forgetting the need to please themselves. It’s a story of new beginnings and moving on. And it’s a classic romance, beautifully told, with wonderful dialogue, great characters, and perfect location.

I could hear the voices in my mind as I read. I could see the streets of London. And it gave me a craving for some fish and chips. But I’ll take my ginger beer non-alcoholic, please, English style, with plenty of ginger and only the right amount of sugar to sweeten the sting—which is how this story’s told: sweet, sharp, and fun!

Ed. Note: For more on Close Encounter with a Crumpet, visit The Wild Rose Press.

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