Tequila Dirty Review
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Pages: 71
Goes Well With: A greasy burger and fries

For many readers, chick lit is like a comfy, well-worn security blanket. When you’ve had a long day and you just need to relax and unwind, it’s familiar and undemanding. You might even find it comforting to curl up with a story about familiar characters working their way through formulaic romantic conundrums. But author Mickey J. Corrigan spices up the same old short romance with a fun pulp fiction twist in Tequila Dirty.

The story follows a murder investigation gone wrong. When down-and-out waitress Rita Deltone is found in a pricy hotel room in Dusky Beach, Florida, with two dead bodies and a head wound, she’s brought to the hospital and questioned by handsome young detective Liam Donell. As she tells her story, explaining how she got caught up in such a deadly mess, he can’t help but notice that she’s strikingly beautiful. And though he tries to handle the case in a professional manner, he ends up making some bad decisions that could get him in big trouble.

Tequila Dirty isn’t the typical short e-book. Instead of the same old love story—complete with cute but clichéd characters and a predictable plot—it’s refreshingly unexpected. Part crime caper, part romance, part hard-boiled detective story, this short but satisfying romantic thriller is sure to keep you on your toes.

From tone to setting to characters, Corrigan gets all of the storytelling elements just right. The seaside Florida setting is sultry but shabby—just like the story’s main character. Rita is young and beautiful and hard-working, yet she’s still struggling to make ends meet. And she’s written with such a clear, distinct voice, that you’ll get a feel for her right away. She’s clearly tough, determined, and willing to do whatever it takes—even if she knows it’s a bad idea. And that’s what gets her into trouble.

Liam, meanwhile, is a good cop with some pretty serious weaknesses—especially where pretty young girls are concerned. Rita’s easy-going personality causes him to let his guard down—which, of course, ends up causing some major problems for his investigation.

Both characters are well-developed and interesting—and, together, they tell a story that’s smart and pulpy and altogether enjoyable.

If you’re simply looking for a brainless short romance to pass an hour of your time, there are plenty of options available. But if you’re looking for something different—something smarter and more surprising with a touch of suspense—try Tequila Dirty instead. It’s quite possibly the best short e-book I’ve read in years.

Ed. Note: For more on Tequila Dirty, visit The Wild Rose Press.

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