Shadows on the Wall and Mayo on the Side
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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines covers an unexpected night visitor, a man who rolled his car and woke up lost, a guy who opened the wrong cage in a pet store, and a man who was arrested for a little wash up at a public place.

Three’s Company
Originally reported by

After finding a burglar in his home during the night, a man in Pisa called the police, only to discover that the intruder was his wife’s lover.

The unnamed man was in bed with his wife when he noticed a shadow moving in the room, which he believed to be a burglar. He phoned the police, who caught the intruder, only to discover the “thief” was the lover of the caller’s wife. The officers then had to break up a violent fight that broke out between the two men.

The woman’s lover had reportedly wanted to surprise her, but he hadn’t counted on her husband being home.


The Non UFO News from Roswell
Originally reported by United Press International

A man who rolled his car on a highway near Roswell woke up hours later and called police to tell them he was lost in a field of donkeys.

Police received a call at 2:00 a.m. to respond to a one-car rollover, but when they arrived on the scene, no one was present. Dispatchers received a call seven hours later from the driver, who said that he was lost after he got into a car accident that morning. He said he woke up next to some donkeys in a field.

The man explained that he and his passenger had been drinking the night before and did not remember what happened. Both of the car’s occupants sustained several non-fatal injuries.

Not to mention non-lethal hangovers.

Reptiles to Go
Originally reported by United Press International

A Missouri man is facing a felony theft charge after being caught on camera concealing baby alligators in his pants pocket.

Jim Brumley, owner of the Exotic Amphibian and Reptile Center in St. Louis, said that Melvin Davis, 20, was warned by a clerk not to open a cage containing baby alligators. However, a surveillance video shows Davis pocketing two of the small reptiles while the clerk was not looking. The suspect dropped one of the alligators on his way out of the store and told the clerk that he had brought his own alligator in from home before fleeing.

An excellent alibi.

Hold the Mayo
Originally reported by United Press International

Police in Oklahoma City reported that they arrested a man accused of washing his hair with mayonnaise in a public fountain.

An officer responded to the fountain at about 8:00 in the evening on a report of a man causing a disturbance. The officer arrived to find Jorge Perez, 23, breathing heavily and soaked with water. Perez told the officer that he was wet because he had been washing his hair in the Bricktown fountain using mayonnaise as shampoo.

Perez was arrested for violating the city’s ban on bathing in public areas. He was taken to the Oklahoma County jail.

Using mayo! They ought to throw the book at him.

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