Daring Woman Puts Cafeteria Jell-O on Her Tray
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HURON, SD Huron Community College student Patty Cunniff shocked her dining companions at lunch yesterday when—while making her way through the cafeteria line, after picking up a variety of unidentifiable meat products—she took one of the many colorful blocks of jiggling gelatin and placed it on her tray.

“Eeeeew!” screeched Cunniff’s disgusted friend, Wendy Dougan. “What did you take that for? Nobody eats the Jell-O!”

“I don’t know,” Cunniff shrugged. “I just felt like eating Jell-O.”

Cunniff claimed to be drawn by the wobbly, translucent green substance. She couldn’t resist the perfectly-geometrical block, the color that appears nowhere in the natural world. It called to her.

And as Cunniff and her friends sat down at their usual table, Cunniff could barely concentrate on her shepherd’s pie. As her friends picked at their meal, finally giving in and getting themselves a bowl of Froot Loops and an ice cream cone, Cunniff sat quietly and poked at her gelatin. She watched in awe, wonder, and curiosity as it quivered and jiggled.

After her friends had finished their meal, Cunniff was still peacefully playing with her gelatin—and even her friends became intrigued. They watched as the little slimy shape danced on its porcelain stage. They, too, were mesmerized.

Finally, Dougan asked, “Are you gonna eat that, or what? We’ve gotta go to class.”

Cunniff’s expression was pained. She poked at the gelatin and finally said, “No. I don’t think I dare yet. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a bite.” Then she and her friends left for class.

Kitchen Manager Louise Brockman was stunned when she saw that one of the gelatin blocks was missing from her artistic display. She immediately ordered that another block of green gelatin be cut, so she could once again complete her decorative presentation, which she revealed has been kept relatively unharmed—aside from random disturbances by the occasional student—since Brockman accepted the position in 1962.

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