Frozen Meat and Footsteps in the Snow
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This edition of Stolen from the Headlines covers a poor choice of breakfast locations, a frozen lamb chop heist, a no-show employee who kept up the good fight, and a new (to us) dangerous vehicle category.

A Guy Thing
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Police arrested a western Pennsylvania bank robbery suspect when he stopped for chicken and biscuits at a restaurant two blocks away.

Shane Lindsey was arrested about 20 minutes after he allegedly robbed the Citizens Bank in downtown New Kensington. Police tell the (Tarentum) Valley News Dispatch that witnesses saw a bald man matching Lindsey’s description run toward a restaurant after the heist. Police knew the business had surveillance video and went inside to view it, hoping for clues as to where the suspect went—only to find Lindsey eating at a booth.

Police say the video showed the suspect running past the restaurant and then pausing before coming back and going inside.

It’s hard for a guy to pass up breakfast, even if he’s on the lam.

Freezer Take
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A deputy questioned two men with large black garbage bags over their shoulders in Spokane Valley and found that they were carrying frozen lamb chops. The men claimed that a woman gave them the food because she was moving. The deputy then contacted the woman, who denied the story. Deputies followed footprints in the snow to another home that had been broken into. That resident said that the lamb chops had been taken from her freezer.

According to the sheriff’s office, the men were jailed on burglary and theft charges.

Truly a “moving” story.

Past the Snooze Alarm
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NEW DELHI: A.K. Verma, an executive engineer at the Central Public Works Department, was fired after not showing up for work since December, 1990.

“He went on seeking extension of leave, which was not sanctioned, and defied directions to report to work,” the government said in a statement on Thursday. Even after an inquiry found him guilty of “willful absence from duty” in 1992, it took another 22 years and the intervention of a cabinet minister to remove him, the government said.

India’s labor laws, which the World Bank says are the most restrictive anywhere, make it hard to fire staff for any reason other than criminal misconduct.

No kidding.

Double Yellow Line Crosser
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Police in Rochester, New Hampshire, say a man suspected of stealing money from a gas station was captured about an hour later, after he crashed his car while driving drunk.

WMUR-TV reports that police arrested 27-year-old Daniel Wilson after responding to the accident scene around 3 p.m. on Saturday. Police say he crossed the double yellow line and crashed into a parked car. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle.

Police identified him as the suspect who, an hour earlier, had stolen money from a safe at a Shell gas station on Washington Street. They say he managed to take the money while the clerk was busy with several customers. He was charged with theft.

There just seems to be no end to these propelled vehicle mishaps.

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